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About this Game:-

FarCry-3 This game is a really good game with better graphics and better experience while playing this game. This game includes outside hunting.

This is really an open world First-person shooter game this is a very amazing game rather than other's shooting games. 
You can also play with friends an team up with friends to play the game easily. we can easily team-up with the 4 players easily win the game with the help of team-up and easy to play the game.
This game includes the river, mountains, jungle, hunting animals for food (survive), shooting, it includes the island towns and temples, river ports, and more. this game is really dangerous and risky to complete the task a missions island is very dangerous a discovery.
This is a really different bread of multiplayer's with help of teammates and calling to them to help of peoples. 
This having map to help create where you want to go and on the map, every mission is on the map to markup an do the mission easily. Using the map editor to create new access content. easy to use FarCry map with improved new features. you having a grate map easy to quickly to pen a pin on the point where you want to go to full-fill take task (mission).

FarCry 3 System Requirements Given below:- 

Minimum Requirements:-
  • Operating System:- Window 7, 8, window vista (SP2), XP (SP3)
  • Processor:- Intel core 2 duo E6700 2.6GHz the AMD is the best for gaming AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+3.0 GHz or better or hight.
  • RAM:- 4GB for windows 7,8 other then windows XP 2Gb
  • Video Card:- NVIDIA 8800, AMD HD 2900 or better than these other graphic cards.
  • Sound Card:- Compatible sound card with updated drivers
  • Hard-disk Space:- 15Gb minimum 
If you want to play this game multiplayer then you have internet broadband or other internet server connection must.

Highly Recommended the System Requirements:-

  • Operating system:- Window 7 (SP1), window 8, Windows 10 latest
  • Processor:- i3, i5 or better AMD Ryzen or AMD Phenom II X2 3.1GHz
  • Ram:- 4Gb required
  • Video Card:- NVIDIA 480, or AMD HD 5770 or better 
  • Sound card:- latest sound card with Update drivers
  • Hard-disk space:- 15Gb must
  • Control supported:- Xbox 360 control or windows keyboard & Mouse
  • Internet connection is a must while you playing multiplayer.

Download this Game (4.89Gb)

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