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Streamlabs+OBS All in one live Streaming App

Framework Requirements:

CPU: We suggest Core i7 or Xeon CPU with 3 Ghz or higher recurrence . 
One CPU string ready to interpret 1 HD or 4 SD TS channels. 

For instance: 
i7 4930k has 6 centers = 12 strings = up to 12 HD or 48 SD channels. 
Xeon E5-2667V2 has 8 centers = 16 strings = to 16 HD or 64 SD channels. 

Ram: 8-16 GB RAM is suggested. 
It is essential to utilize memory in multichannel mode (4 x 2GB or 4 x 4GB sticks, for instance). 

VGA: We prescribe to utilize ATI R7 250 or comparative cards, with in any event 1 GB GDDR5 memory. 
For HD channels or enormous number of SD channels representation, video card with 256-piece information transport essential, for instance R9 270. 

System interface: For IP Streams we prescribe to utilize the different system interface. 
Synopsis bitrate of all IP Streams ought not surpass 300 Mb/s for one server. 
We prescribe to utilize proficient system cards, Intel I350 for instance.

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