Download Free Whatsapp plus apk file

Download Whatsapp Plus apk File

New Emoji's are available in the whatsapp plus this whatsapp is very useful an there having theam hanges. 

Thems are added 
File sharing option 
More features are available 
Header colour an size we can change in this whatsapp plus
Pop-up notifications are available 
Disabling function (voice notes, animations)

Download Free Whatsapp plus Apk file

Highlights of WhatsApp Plus 

There is an or more sign at the base, which opens Whatsapp Plus alternatives once you tap it. You get a large group of fascinating highlights and customization choices, not found in the first WhatsApp application. This software having a lot of thems and wallpapers also. In any case, there is an Auto-Reply Message include, which naturally answers to a message. So as to make it work, Tap on the + sign and snap on Edit like symbol. There you will discover the Auto Reply Message highlight. This is the one of the best whatsapp plus easy to use an easy to run.

You can download subjects with the WhatsApp Plus application. The choice causes you to tweak the application as indicated by your own taste. Clients can tweak all of the WA in addition to UI, This incorporates changing shading and size of header, spring up warning, gadgets, discussion screen, and so forth. You can also change the chat wallpaper.

Other customization choices accessible in WhatsApp Plus are: 
  • Utilize Custom Wallpaper. 
  • Change of Chat Background. 
  • Change Chat Bubbles Style. 
  • Tweak hyperlink shading and change the message size. 
  • Date size and status symbol shading are alterable. 
  • You can likewise change the shade of the Bluetick. 

The presence of the WhatsApp Plus menu likewise has Main/Chat Screen under which you can change the plan of the home screen. You can change the accompanying: 
  1. Talk Header. 
  2. Talks Rows. 
  3. Call screen. 
  4. Contacts screen. 
  5. Drifting Button. 
Message Encryption:
Messages are sent legitimately to WhatsApp servers similarly unique WhatsApp does. Also, Technically messages can not be sent by any Third-party administration in light of the fact that WhatsApp utilizes MAC address and exceptional Encryption Key allocated per gadget to confirm validness.

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