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500+ Free Text Pngs For Editing

 Download free 500+ Free Text Pngs For Editing

Download free Text pngs for photoshop. All king of png articles and with fonts is also available.

Download free 500+ png text  file

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Download Free Lightroom Presets For Pc

Download Free Lightroom Presets For Pc:-

Download free Lightroom presets its a collection of presets. All kind of presets is a collection here (Download). 


1. 12 Premium Light Leak Presets V2 

2. 15 Cross Processing Presets 

3. 15 Premium Mixed Presets

4. 40 Premium Matte Effect

5. 10 Cool Presets-V1

6. 10 Dark Presets-V1 

7. 10 Glowing Preset-V1

8. 10 Light Preset

9. 10 Cinematic Presets V-1

10. 15 Junglee Presets V-1

11. 15 Painting Presets V-1 

12. 10 Painting Presets V-2

13. 4 Lightning Presets 

14. 5 Retro Presets

15. 10 Vintage Film Presets 

16. 12 Premium Light Leak Presets V1 

17. 25 Mixed Presets 

18. 3 Black and White Presets 

19. 8 The Color Boosts 

20. 20 Premium Sharpness Presets 

21. 10 Summer Glow Fall Presets 

22. 20 Wedding Photography Pro Presets 

22. 20 Fashion Photography Pro Presets 

23. 40 Premium Winter Lightroom Presets

Dark Presets:-

Matte Effect:-

Download Free Presets 460+😊

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Download Free Luminar AI For pc

 Download Free Luminar AI For pc 2021

Download free luminar AI For PC, This is the one of the best Software for photo editing there having a more features and more tools available in this software, 

Tools Are available:-


  • Enhance AI
  • composition AI
  • Erase
  • Light
  • Structure AI
  • Color
  • Black & White
  • Details 
  • Denoise
  • Landscape
  • Vignette

More tools available:-


  • Sky
  • Augmented Sky AI
  • Atmosphere AI
  • Sunrays
  • Dramatic
  • Mood
  • Toning
  • Matte
  • Mystical
  • Glow
  • Film Grain


  • Face AI
  • Skin AI
  • Body AI
  • High Key


  • Optics
  • Supercontrast
  • Color Harmoney
  • Doge & Burn
  • Clone

These Are the new tools Which is Given in the New version of Luminar AI, This is  the one of the best software for picture editing.

How to install this Software Step By Step

  • Download the File From Here.
  • After Downloading 
  • Extract the File
  • Make sure you Pc Window defender is off also internet is Off too
  • Then install the setup file
  • It takes a few minutes
  • After your installation is done donot open the software at same time
  • Close the Tab
  • open the C folder then 
  • Go to the File location of Luminar AI
  • C file paste inthe installation file location
  • Your installation is done 
  • Enjoy your Software is Running.

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Download Free Adobe Photoshop 2021

Download free Adobe Photoshop 2021 one of the best software for image editing and color grading this software having a some new features which is some like sky changing like this ne3w features available in this new photoshop.

  • Neural filters

This one is the good feature in this year photoshop included,  you can make magic happen you can changing your subject expression, age,  it include the AI technology you want to access neural filters:- Photoshop>choose filters>Neural filters Are open.

  • Sky Replacement 

In 2021 this is the best feature in photoshop you can easily changing the sky background of any image in photoshop one of the coolest feature in this photoshop 2021 how you can access this feature:-0 Open photoshop>select edit>sky replacement.

  • Pattern Preview 

one of the best pattern view feature in photoshop you can access this feature:- Open photoshop>view>pattern view.

  • Live Shapes

This feature is in the Adobe illustrator bit its now available in photoshop too
there is the new control to alter line, rectangles and more available in shape tools group in the tool bar.

  • Plugins
There is also good one feature in the photoshop you can easily external plugin added in the photoshop like filters, skin re-touch tones many more plugin available according your needs, 

  1. New Elements features in photoshop 2021:-

  • Add motion to static image

There is the option too you can edit the gifs in  2D, 3D, camera motion, Adding an extra on your images.

  • Creative

In adobe photoshop 2021 Create A animated Sketch Art, you can customize the cool an animation option, According to you choice you can create the image.

  • Perfect your Landscape

In this photoshop easy to replace sky and remove haze And erase unwanted objects and created creative images.

  • Create modern Duo Tones

This features included in the photoshop 20201. It includes the 12 duo effects. 

  • Automatic colorize the image

This features included in the photoshop 2021 Auto Colorize the images and gives you warm an rich colors one of the best features in the photoshop its gives you a creative image. 

  • Adjust facial features

You can easily adjust facial features in the photoshop 2021

This Photoshop includes the Combo multiple Shots into one.

Download free Adobe Photoshop 2021

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Download Free Adobe After Effect 2020

Adobe After Effects Free Download Full Version 2020

For PC

One of the best Video editing software for PC & Laptops. This video editor is far better then the other video editors. We are providing a full version of this software, you don't need any key to Activate the licence key for this software. This software is fully Activated no need to activate. 

I Also using this Software this software is perfectly working in my laptop, this is better then other software's like adobe premier pro but after effect is one of the best an top. 

How toi install this Software I explain you step by Step 

  • First of All Download the zip file
  • After extract the file with RAR file extractor
  • Turn of you internet connection 
  • Then install the setup 
  • wait a few time File is to large They need a time to install
  • After your Software is installed don't open after its done 
  • Then close the All tabs 
  • Then open the Software 
  • Your software is working sucessfully 

Then you can use internet Doesn't matter while you are using the after effect you can use the internet 


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Download Free Lightroom For MacOs

Download Free Lightroom For MacOs

Download Free Lightroom For Mac, this software is really good for photo editing and color correction one of the best image editing software. Lightroom having a more features also we can use pre-sets in this software. 

AnyWhere Editing With Easy to use photo editing tools with filter. You can edit your full resolution photos anywhere on your mobile, laptop, Macbook. Edit your photo And share your photo with love ones.

Edit a photo on your smartphone, computer, laptop your changes Automatically in your devices. 

Create your own presets and saves the time and develop the style with own pre-sets

Quick development panel 

Easy transfer Adjustment settings with the image

You can edit the DNG, RAW Files very easily with this software after converted in to JPGE one of the best photo editing software. 

This softwares is very PowerFull RAW photo editor. When shooting in the RAW Format It's Easy to correct Exposure and white balance in lightroom. When Shooting is the JPEG format then the Adjustment is very difficult and not easy to Adjust the lighting of the photos easily. 

Easy to crop the image and rotate the image and adjust the image.

Creative adjustment tools including in it. 

Adjustment Brush



Lightroom  is the one of the best RAW photos editing softwares one of the best photo editing software easy to use and easy to edit and convert the image with the help of this softwares.

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Download Free Final Cut Pro For Mac

 Download Free Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 Zip Mac

Download Free Final Cut Pro For Mac This Video Editor is one of the best video editor. I Highly recommend to download this software for free i also give the installation instruction in the description below:-

On the other hand, This video editor is far better then the other's video editor. we can editing the video with the help of this software and editing high video like movies, short movies this is the one of the best softwares for Mac.

Final Cut Pro is totally different you can edit the video an combine form the various sources, add new elements, add new different track whatever you like and used many other function to make video better.

This is the best sleek and stylish interface

It Supports background rendering

Autosaves projects

Excellent video adjustment features

We can export directly to youtube an upload very easily 

This is the feature is which i mentioned (PROS)

Final Cut Pro Features:-

  • Effects
  • Presets
  • VR Headset Payback
  • Motion Graphic Templates
  • Plug-ins
  • Multicam Editing
  • 360 Degree VR Editing
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • HDR video Support
  • Asset Management
  • Trimming, cut, Moving

This Final Cut Pro is Free For You Totally Free. 

Download Free Final Cut Pro For Mac

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